5 top social media engagement tactics for B2B businesses

Having a social media presence as a business is no longer good enough. You also need to actively engage on channels and have a content strategy in place to build trust and make your offering attractive.

Social media can be trial and error, but these social engagements tactics are key to driving your B2B social media marketing strategy.


1) Share others’ valuable content

This is a savvy tactic because it demonstrates your business is active on social media but doesn’t require you to create content. Curating content shows you’re up to date within your industry and positions you as an expert in your field.

To successfully share content, remember to: only share relevant, valuable content, and credit the source. And, abide by the rule of thirds – your account should be 1/3 promoting your product or service, 1/3 interacting with others, and 1/3 sharing industry news and tips.


2) Schedule your social posts

Use a scheduling tool for social posts to publish at the optimum times and increase your reach. Each channel is different, and it can also depend on your target audience, but generally:

  • 1pm and 5pm every day, but especially on Friday is best for Instagram
  • 9am, 11am-12pm and 3pm-4pm Thursday to Sunday on Facebook
  • 8am-10am and 6pm-9pm every day for Twitter
  • 10am-12pm on Wednesday for LinkedIn



3) Write attention-grabbing headlines

Consider what makes you click on articles and incorporate that into your headline writing. Titles such as ‘How to’ and ‘Five things you need to know’ perform well. Just remember to actually provide the value you’ve promised within the article to avoid being perceived as clickbait.


4) Post frequently and consistently

Posting more frequently helps you reach and engage more of your following but overdoing it can seem like you’re spamming followers. One post a day on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn is ideal, and 3-5 tweets is recommended for Twitter (Social Report).


5) Share your content more than once

There’s nothing wrong with sharing the same piece of content on multiple social media channels – it saves time and maintains activity. And, you can generate 31.5 times more click throughs by sharing content more than once (CoSchedule).

The key to this is changing up image captions, using GIFs and memes, and different imagery on each channel to support your message.

If you would like to learn more about social media engagement and adopting these tactics into your social media marketing strategy, email [email protected] or call 01926422002 to chat with a member of our content team.



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