Direct mail isn't dead

Direct mail doesn’t work anymore. This is a phrase you might have heard a few times most recently, and in some cases it is true.

The evolution and digital transformation of the marketing industry has led to some traditional forms of marketing, such as print campaigns and direct mail, taking a backseat.

And, it’s true that batch and blast direct mail are ineffective for most businesses, as not everyone on a mass data list will find all your communications relevant, which will lead to your mail becoming a nuisance.

But, direct mail does work if you hone your contact list to send data-driven communications.

The direct mail renaissance

Many businesses have realised that direct mail is effective when sent to targeted accounts, and how well it works as a touchpoint in account-based marketing. It appears the marketing method is in vogue again because it cuts through the noise and establishes a genuine human connection.

So, how can you implement direct mail?

Oh, wait a minute Mr. Postman…

 Before you send a handwritten letter to everyone, there are some best practices to follow to ensure your direct mail campaign is successful.

They include…


  • Making data a priority – Businesses capture a lot of data but you must ensure its complete and that lists are tight to ensure the right accounts are receiving highly targeted campaigns.
  • Consider sending products – Your data will inform the kind of products target accounts will like and sending useful items means your business will stay front of mind.
  • Properly personalise what you’re sending – Change the artwork, copy or even packaging based on the target account. A personalised note is no longer enough to make your contacts feel special.
  • Measure direct mail effectively – It can be difficult to monitor how well direct mail is working, so define clear KPIs for campaigns.
  • Be original – direct mail is an opportunity to create something unusual that peaks interest. In their direct marketing campaign Griffiths, Gibson and Ramsay Productions created a working record player out of cardboard. This campaign was so successful that the agencies that received it called the company to ask for extras to bring home to their kids (Urban River).

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