Eight steps to make the LinkedIn algorithm work for you

LinkedIn is the most valuable tool in a sales rep’s arsenal to find, connect, and build relationships with leads and prospects in hopes of driving sales, as research shows 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn (Foundation Inc).

But the algorithm changes regularly and the platform doesn’t disclose changes to users, so it can sometimes feel as though it’s working against you. As with all social media platforms, trial and error helps you understand what works, but there are some tactics I’ve personally found make social selling efforts more successful.

So, how do you make the LinkedIn algorithm work for you?

1. Be relevant

This is all about understanding your audience.  Do your research, gain insight and start to create content that is of relevance to those in your network.

2. Promote

If you want more people to see your posts then get tagging. Tag relevant businesses, people, use keywords and three relevant hashtags.

3. Engage

LinkedIn is all about engagement, the platform wants you to have conversations, so much so that it rewards it.  Ask your network questions, ask them for their opinions or insights. By adopting this approach and being engaging, you are positioning yourself as a thought leader and learning more about your audience which you can leverage.

4. Be more specific

The more specific you are in your content and posts the better results you will see. LinkedIn itself states that it sees better conversation around niche ideas versus broad.

5. Timing

By posting at the right times, you improve your chances of getting more likes and comments, which in return will prompt the algorithm to rank your posts higher.

The optimum times to post content are as follows:

  • The best times to post on LinkedIn are 7:45 a.m., 10:45 a.m., 12:45 p.m., and 5:45 p.m. EST.
  • The best day for B2B brands to post on LinkedIn is Wednesday (followed by Tuesday).
  • The best days for B2C brands to post on LinkedIn are Monday and Wednesday.


 6. Connect with the right people

You don’t just want to connect with anybody. You should be strategically connecting with the right people, the people who you can help, the people who you can resonate with, and the people who you want to do business with. The more relevant your connections and content is, the better results you will gain.

7. Add Value

Often over looked but you need to engage and contribute towards your network. Share your thoughts, give insight, add value, be authentic. LinkedIn itself states that genuine conversations around real experiences spark better and deeper conversations, which in turn leads to a stronger community and connection.

8. Be Personal

When you connect with someone send them a personal note as to why you want to connect. If you want to send a connection a message, why not try the voice note tool? Or, go one step further and send them a personalised video message within the LinkedIn app. Any personal human touch points can have a huge impact on how people react and engage with you.

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