Four steps to generate quality leads

There are many definitions of what constitutes a quality lead to different businesses, but for us, any prospect that has shown interest in your offering and has a valid form of communication should be considered a good lead.


Leads can be categorised by their position in the funnel and level of interest.

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) demonstrate interest by filling in forms, downloading content and signing up to newsletters. They are normally situated at the top of the funnel and content should be focused on informing and educating them.

Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) indicate immediate interest or have been nurtured through the funnel and are ready to be converted into sales opportunities. They are situated at the bottom of the funnel and content is focused on presenting your offering as the solution to their challenges.

Top lead generation tips

Use qualifying questions

Shorter forms are best for conversion but questions to find out a decision-making time frame or a lead’s biggest challenge help to identify whether a lead should be followed up or nurtured further.

Use lead scoring

Ranking your leads based on their engagement determines lead quality and can be either a points system or referring to them as ‘warm’ or ‘cold’.

Align sales and marketing

To properly categorise leads, sales and marketing teams should work collaboratively and know when to pass a prospect on to each other to either continue nurturing them or convert them into a sales opportunity.

Nurture leads

You should use automation to identify leads that are not sales ready, hold them back in a separate funnel and continue to educate them and keep them engaged until they’re sales ready.

By implementing these tips into your lead generation strategy you’ll improve and maintain engagement and increase your conversion rates and business growth.

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