Hiking boots at the ready! - Origin set to take on Snowdon

On October 19th the Origin team will be setting off to climb Snowdon to raise money for St Peter’s Hospice, a charity for adults with life-limiting illnesses.

It's a heavily avoided and uncomfortable subject to think about, but since working with St Peter's Hospice it has opened our eyes to what an incredible charity it really is and the wonderful work that they do for the community. We saw its work first-hand when we were given a tour of its new facilities and we discovered the lengths they go to to care for adults in the later stages of their life. And, how they support families and friends of those in care during the difficult time.

Seeing this has inspired our team to do something to help them and raise funds for what is essentially a free service.

Taking about our expedition, James Edwards, Chief Growth Architect, said: “As a team we’re passionate about giving back where we can, and this cause has really pulled us all together.

“We know it’s only a small amount in the big scheme of things but hopefully every little bit helps. As well as this, we’ll be investing in our team members that are taking part with other team building activities. Overall, we’re all really looking forward to the challenge!”

You can help bring us one step closer to our goal and sponsor us on our Just Giving page.

And, you can keep up to date with our training activities by following us on our Facebook and Instagram to track our progress.

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