[News] Global webinar for our client Loqate and Rapyd

We helped deliver a great webinar yesterday for our Client Loqate, a GBG solution and their partner Rapyd in the U.S. 

Some great insights were shared at 14:00 PST by Justin Duling and Eric Rosenthal on how fintech and payment capabilities, powered by location data, play a critical role in building the ecommerce infrastructures needed to accelerate in today’s digital world.

Sud Kumar, our Global Marketing Director (VP) picks up the story.
"The key takeaways were the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed consumers’ payment and commerce behaviours significantly.
Consumers now, in this not so ‘normal’ world, have an increased demand and expectations for a streamlined and seamless user experience (UX) when completing orders, with no papercuts during checkout which might lead to loss of sale. Integral to eCommerce is good, clean data – none more so than global location data plus the ability to take payment in all formats in any country.

When fintech capabilities and location data meet, a formidable force is made, which in turn is an integral force for any e-commerce business".
We'll be helping to run more webinars for Loqate in the future, as well as our own, centred around Global e-commerce and the customer experience with partners such as @cludo.
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