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We’ve been working with Silver Cross since 2008 and in that time have seen their online sales blossom. Their recent quarter’s sales have tripled, and the new site is performing magnificently, converting lots more visitors into sales, through the new and improved customer and experience.

Having built and launched their latest ecommerce site in January, we are pleased to announce that we’ve been awarded a new website project for their sister brand Micralite.

Sam Wilson, Silver Cross E-commerce Manager “We were so pleased with Origin’s performance with our main brand site, that it was a no-brainer to get them to create the new Micralite site. We work really well together and they really get the brand ethos and our aspirations to become a major e-commerce player within the Nursery sector”.

We will be implementing our Umbraco e-commerce focused CMS and integrating this into the Silver Cross CRM and warehousing systems.

This work begins in Early May and will be carried out by the Origin team in our three locations as well as remote working during lockdown. The new website will be live for launch in the Summer.

About Micralite by Silver Cross
Two brands. One a household name, a global super-brand with links to royalty. The other a disruptive free thinker, a newcomer with ambition and attitude. Outwardly they couldn't look more different but at their core share a passion for freedom and innovation.

In 1877, Silver Cross changed family life forever by inventing a product that allowed parents to get out with their babies for the first time – the perambulator. Over 100 years later Micralite set out to do the same thing. Only by this time parents didn’t want to just get out - they wanted to explore, to climb mountains, to hit the beach, to go anywhere and bring their baby along too.


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