Snowdon countdown: team training

The Origin team is climbing Mount Snowdon on the 19th October to help raise money for St Peter’s Hospice. When we began working with the charity, its dedication to caring for adults with life-limiting illnesses free of charge inspired us to take on the challenge.

With only 10 days to go, the team has shared what they’ve been up to in preparation for the climb.

Putting in the work…

 Sud, Marketing Director, said: “I go to the gym nearly every morning and went rock climbing just last week. I’ve done Snowdon once before but that doesn’t mean I can get away with putting less effort in.”

Aled, Creative Director, said: “I play football on weeknights and I’m on week nine of the 10-week Origin plan we devised. The main thing that I think will really help me on the day is that I’ve been increasing the elevation I walk on gradually.”

Chloe, Content Marketing Manager, said: “I’ve been going to the gym and doing body pump classes, as this strengthens your whole body and improves stamina. And, I’m taking my King Charles Cavalier, Oscar, so if I start flagging I can rely on him to get me to the top.”

Phil, Digital Project Manager, said: “I’m also taking my Dachshund, Molly, and though she may be small, she’ll be relentless in trying to reach the summit. We go on organised sausage dog walks and have been walking around the hills in my local area a lot.”

Lucy, Content Author, said: “I’ve not been training very hard, but I’ve been walking my Lhasa Apso, Pippin, so I think that counts. I’m not taking Pippin though because she’ll tire out faster than I will. I’m determined to do it for the cause though.”

We’ll be doing the Snowdon challenge in just over a week, so this is our last push for training and making sure we reach our fundraising goal.

As the hospice relies on donations and fundraising alone, we have set a target of £2,500 to make a meaningful contribution. If you’d like to sponsor us, simply donate on our Just Giving page.

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