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Phoebe, a foundation degree Graphic Design, Multimedia and Illustration student, joined Origin as an intern in February 2019 to gain agency experience and learn transferrable marketing skills.

The four-month internship which ended in May saw Phoebe work alongside Origin's Creative Director, Aled, and the studio team. And, she was able to get involved with many projects including the development of Origin's new website. 

Q&A - Phoebe's time at Origin... 

1. How did you hear about Origin? 

Phoebe applied for the internship during her time studying a Foundation Degree in Graphic Design, Multimedia and Illustration. She found out about it after Aled, our Creative Director, contacted her college. Phoebe applied as she wanted to gain first-hand industry experience. 

2. What did you learn at Origin?

Phoebe had already been exposed to agency life, having shadowed professional for two weeks before. However, she wanted to gain more exposure and actual experience working in a graphic design role, so saw Origin's opportunity as a great way to achieve this. 

During her time at Origin, Phoebe was set tasks that were part of live projects and was able to "own" them from start to finish, and she supported Origin's team on client visits and attended a photoshoot. 

Commenting on this experience, she said: "The photoshoot and client interaction gave me real insight into photography art direction, which is so important in design."

In addition to this activity, Phoebe also developed her knowledge of Adobe programmes such as Photoshop, as well as her understanding of web design layouts using XD, a type of software that she hadn't used before. 

3. How have you learnings helped inform your career? 

Phoebe noted that her biggest achievement whilst at Origin was learning how to use Photoshop effectively, and she credits our Designer, Eric, for teaching her this. 

4. Any final comments? 

Phoebe said: "My time at Origin has made me more confident that working in a design agency is definitely the path for me. 

"It has made me more aware of what skills I will actually need on the job and I now feel more confident. 

"I'd like to say a big thank you to all the team at Origin for making me feel so welcome and teaching me so many new skills!"

To find out more about internship opportunities at Origin, contact [email protected], or check out our updates on our social media channels. 

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